About Us

Whether you are looking for a new place to advertise or a way to earn extra income while driving your truck, Koala Racks can provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

Koala Racks offers both our advertising clients and drivers a solution for the busy world we live in.

Koala Racks gives our advertising clients a way to reach their audience when they can’t be distracted by their phones while driving. The truck drivers utilizing Koala Racks are accruing extra income while not having to adjust any part of their daily routine.

At Koala Racks, we pride ourselves on our seamless processes so we do not have to take anymore of your valuable time. Simply register for the desired service as an advertiser or driver and we will take care of the rest. With our in-house technicians and design team, we will make sure you are looked after from all angles.

Koala racks works with the great people at Land air sea systems to provide continuous GPS tracking of the vehicle on which your advertisements are located. LAS systems provide scheduled weekly reports showing you where your advertisements have been seen.


How do we know the routes of the trucks?

Koala racks have teamed up with Land Air Sea systems to help us provide our advertising clients the valuable data they need.

How do we know our advertisements are on the trucks Koala racks say they are on?

It is clearly stated in the Koala Rack agreement with the trucking companies that the drivers must photo log weekly proving that the advertisements are in fact on the allocated trucks and clearly visible and clear of all road dirt and debris to insure our advertisers are getting the best value from their investment

What happens if the truck breaks down?

Koala Racks teams are ready to jump into action if one of our contractor’s trucks breaks down to get your advertisement up on the next available truck. If for any reason there is not a truck available you will receive your next month free if the truck is down for more than 3 business days.